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Automotive Industry


The Automotive Industry is fast emerging and one of the major parts of growing economy of the world. Like all industries, the automotive industry is looking for approaches to reduce product lifecycle, save costs and collaborate with dealers and customers to deliver top notch services to customers. With increased demand in this field, the industry faces challenges in improving customer satisfaction, marketing and sales management, reducing costs and efficient supply chain management. SAP Business One serves this industry by providing solutions that fulfill to deliver innovative products and provide utmost customer satisfaction.

Following business functions of Automotive are covered in SAP Business One Solution:

  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Production Planning and Scheduling

    • Multi level BOMs

    • Job Work/Contracting/Sub-contracting

    • Yield and Scrap Management

    • Product Costing and Quality Management​

  • Sales and Purchase Cycle

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Business Partner Management

    • Dealers/Vendors/C&F Agents/Customers

  • Warehouse Management

    • Bin Location Management

  • Integrated Inventory Management System

  • Accounting and Financing

  • Product Marketing and Campaigning

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Service Management

  • Import and Export management with all necessary documents

How SAP Business One Can Help In your Automotive Business:

  • SAP Business One is a scalable and powerful ERP system for integrated and improved business processes.

  • An integrated package has all the business functions (Purchase, Inventory, Production, Marketing, Sales and Finance), which is able to provide visibility on the real time status of the tasks.

  • By using SAP Business one in organizations, the companies can map the production orders to the corresponding sub-contractor orders.

  • SAP Business one helps the companies to track the quantity of goods accepted after the quality check is done, which helps in financially debiting the vendors for the rejections and acceptance.

  • SAP Business One provides enterprises with transparent modeling of entire supply chain from vendor to customer using product identifiers, delivery schedules, production management, call-offs and settlement.

  • This system allows easy integration of PLM/CAD, pattern development and PLC machinery subsystems.

  • It has thorough compliance to ISO and provides quality assurance for the entire supply chain.

SAP Business One – Single system to Streamline Entire Business

Easy Deployment and Real-time Access to data

Start fast and see results in just weeks with our proven implementation methodology. Meet your budget needs with 0% financing for up to 24 months, or choose a subscription-based cloud deployment. Deploy SAP Business One on premise or in the cloud, and access it from your favorite mobile device.

Integrate All Critical Business Functions

Manage your entire business end-to-end across sales, customers, purchasing, inventory, operations, financials and HR functions, all in a single system

Eliminate Duplicates & Redundancies
Information captured is instantly accessible in the entire system, eliminating redundant data entries and errors in different systems

Proactively Focus on What’s Important
Workflow-based alerts to monitor, notify and trigger auto-responses when important business events occur

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