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10 Best Reasons SMEs ( Small and Midsize Enterprises ) Choose SAP Business One to Help Transform the

Are you a small to midsize enterprise thinking about upgrading to an ERP solution?

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We crystol technologies an sap service

provider recommend SAP Business One.

Below are 10 best reasons to Choose SAP Business One to help transform your Business need.

10. SAP Business One is specially designed for small and mid-sized businesses:

SAP Business One is not a cut-down version of SAP ERP. It is designed from the ground up to meet the very specific business needs and requirements of SMEs.

9. SAP Business One provides full visibility for smart business decisions:

When you can integrate all your critical business functions into a single application, you can connect all your employees and business units giving you a 360 degree view of your entire business and increasing controls. As an integrated ERP solution, SAP Business One provides clear visibility into how your business is performing using real-time information and advanced reporting.

8. SAP Business One grows with your business:

It’s common for companies to outgrow their business solutions. As your business requirements become more complex and more employees join your team you will see how the sophistication of your internal processes grows. You will find out that SAP Business One is ready to meet those challenges and grow with you as your business evolves.

  • Proven availability to support anywhere from 5 users to more than 1,000 users.

  • Functionality that handles from 100 transactions to 1 million transactions.

  • Adaptable solutions that provide options for adding new functionality, enabling new business models, or growing internationally.

  • Flexible configuration options so you can buy now and add more later.

7. SAP Business One’s future development and Innovation is assured:

SAP spends huge amounts on research and development.It has extensive ecosystem of partners, like crystol technologies and customers, like you, provide unlimited choices and resources. The range of products, services and problem solving is truly unbeatable.By purchasing a solution from this world-leader means stability and longevity of support and product development for your business. SAP also delivers innovations that help your organization succeed. These include innovations in mobile, cloud computing, analytics, in-memory computing, rapid-deployment, and big data.

6. Custom Platform to meet you needs:

SAP Business One is a solid solution that supports complete integration of all our business processes, while providing the flexibility we need. When partnered with a dedicated partner like crystol technologies , we have been able to customize the solution and maximize the value we provide to our customers.

5. SAP Business One is easy to learn and very user friendly cockpit design:

Central to SAP Business One’s low total cost of ownership is its ease-of-use. For companies that do not have the time or the resources to embark on an extensive training programme, SAP Business One ERP provides a very effective solution.

The SAP Business One solution interface has a user-friendly cockpit design that enables tasks to be organized at a company level and at a user level. This enables crystol technologies customers to accomplish daily and long-term tasks effortlessly.

4. Compliance with industry specific standards:

Crystol Technologies offers a range of industry solutions designed specifically for SAP Business One to meet your needs. In addition to the core functionality you expect from SAP Business One, each industry solution offers support for specific processes, meeting industry standards and complying to government legislation.

3. Choice of deployment method ON-PREMISE or HOSTED:

Whether you have a small to mid-sized business or even a subsidiary of a large enterprise, SAP Business One offers you the option to choose the deployment method that best fits your business needs. Crystol Technologies customers deploy this trusted application either on premise or via the cloud through the best in the industry – Amazon Web Services.

2. SAP Business One gives you a fast return on your investment:

Once SAP Business One is installed, you should expect to see a fast return on your investment. SAP Business One has delivered quantifiable business benefits to thousands of organisations across the globe. SAP is recognized as a front runner by industry experts and trusted by 55,000+ small to mid-sized companies around the world.

1. SAP Business One is Global and affordable for SMEs:

If you are already running an international business – or you plan to cross borders in the future – you need a system that can meet the challenging needs and requirements. SAP Business One is available in 27 languages, 43 localized versions and 700 local partners in 150 countries to ensure your system can meet your every demand.

SAP Business One gives you a highly functional ERP system that is low-cost, easy to implement, requires little training and customization and that fits into your existing business infrastructure.


Designed to empower our SAP Business One customers, Crystol Technologies provides world-class customer support with a team of certified Consultants. This ensures customers are supported beyond implementation, but also have the knowledge transfer needed to be successful.To find out how SAP Business One can benefit your business

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