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Benefits of SAP Business One for Hospitality Industry

Benefits of SAP Business One for Hospitality Industry

SAP Business One for Hospitality

SAP Business One for Hospitality - The first ERP for the hospitality industry

SAP Business One is the ideal back office / front office solution for your motel, hotel, hotel chain, spa, casino, golf course, and other hotel activities bringing everything from laundry supplies and office procurement to reservations, bookings, scheduling events, banquets, food and beverage Point of Sale together under one system.

Benefits of SAP Business One for Hospitality

  • Integration with IDS and GDS systems helping to increase bookings through tour and travel agencies. 

  • Easy to use front office console provides everything from reservations, check in, check out, lost & found, event booking, room changes, charges and billings, credits, sales and more. 

  • POS (Point of Sale) for gift shops, bar's, restaurants, rentals and more.

  • Monetics with RFID technology offering maximum security replacing circulating money. 

  • Consolidation of multiple properties for reporting, centralized bookings and incredable business intelligence reporting. 

  • Our complete low cost solution can be run on premise or from the cloud!

Multi-Property Reservations

Easily view and schedule availability, rates, check-in, check-out, balance remaining, additional room charges and more all from a single easy to use reservation screen.

Event and Activity Scheduling

Booking events, banquets, tennis courts, golf tee times are not a problem with SAP Business One. Completely adaptable, flexible and easy to use!

All from One Screen!

Manage bookings, reservations, events, billing, deposits, lost & found and more from one single screen. 


Sales & Booking - Integration with IDS and GDS systems in order to interface in a twodi-mensional way with the world of tour operators and travel agencies and be included in their bookings. CRS for centralised company booking. Booking Engine with real-time availability in the freesale mode. Management of the Rate Parity in multi-channel format. Active multichannel Management.

Front Office - Bookings, reservations, individual and group check-ins, individual and group check-outs, current guests, room availability, monthly chart, daily planning, department charges, registration forms, National Statistical Institute, operating lists (arrivals, open accounts, cash list, department balance, etc.). Human Resources and attendance/shift management.

Back Office - Guest, company and agency master data, allotment definition, definition of contracts and pricelists, telephone charge interface, outstanding amounts, cumulative invoices, credit notes, dunning letters, statistics, percentage-based and fixed commissions, package management.

Food & Beverage (P.O.S.) - Workstations for the management of bars, restaurants and shops by means of connected Touch Screens and fiscal printers. Uses friendly. Full integration with Business Intelligence for data analysis. Menu engineering.

Spa & Beauty Farm - Complete module for the management of the activities related to the management of the SPA within the hotel facility. Connection with the front office module for the booking of one or more relax packages during guest stays.

Meeting & Banqueting - Complete management of all activities related to event sales and management, such as meetings and banqueting, drawing up of quotations, up to event management through internal orders.

Palmtops - Integration of MS Pocket PCs for the management of front office, Meeting & Banqueting, Catering, Housekeeping and Maintenance.

Lost & Found - Complete management of lost & found items for our guests. Automatic notices to the various departments and integration with the PMS.

Accounting - Streamlining of all accounting activities, including general accounting, configuration and update of the chart of accounts, multi-currency management, budget and much more.

Storehouse/Supplies office - Management of inventory master data, stock on hand, pricelists, special agreements, logistic handling between warehouses and stock evaluation, picking lists, inventory management, direct consumer discharge, handling between different locations, purchase orders, connected to delivery notes and incoming invoices.

Payment flow - Management of all financial operations, such as cash revenue, deposits, down payments, credit card payments, and bank statement of account reconciliations. Integration with the 3CC system, communications for management of precheck on credit cards.

Human Resources - List of employees, roles and departments, management of correspondence with employees (employment letters, memos, etc.), shift management by department, attendance management.

CRM & Sales Force Automation -Management of activities for guests and prospects, management of sales opportunities, of pipeline and leads. Management of contacts, contact history and deadlines of sales activities.

Integration - Microsoft Office is the international standard for individual desktop productivity tools. SAP Business One for Hotels includes MS Office in order to automatically synchronise contacts (from and towards MS Outlook), centralised fax management with MS Exchange, MS Word and MS Excel directly integrated as system documents, in order to manage the company protocol. All documents are centralised and saved on the DB Server in order to allow availability to all users and guarantee data integrity.

Maintenance & Services - Complete management of maintenance within the facility. This allows complete planning of the service and tracking of the activities underway.

Document Management (DMS) - Document management directly integrated with SAP Business One for Hotels. E-mails, invoices and bulletins are directly filed in SAP and can be found together with the guest, the booking, the supplier and so on.

Purchases - Management of all supplier-related activities, including contracts, purchase requests, purchase orders, stock on hand level updates, returns management, credit notes and payments.

Monetics - Electronic money. To replace circulating money with an RFID technology badge offering maximum security and high reading speed.

Cost Accounting / controlling - In line with the USAH model, definition of profit centres and of relations with the chart of accounts; generation of profit and loss reports for individual cost centres.

Fixed Assets - Management of company assets with direct financial integration. Definition of depreciation scenarios from a management and fiscal point of view.


Meal Production 

Improve efficiency through execution and continuous control


Production control increases throughput, makes cycle times shorter and more predictable, and reduces work in process. Automated data collection enables complete as-built records. Integrated, embedded quality and compliance controls help manage exceptions and address nonconformance.

Planned orders that are scheduled and dispatched for execution are received by SAP software to be processed.


Real-time manufacturing data throughout the product lifecycle increases visibility. Efficiency results from integration with manufacturing execution processes and the availability of real-time data from plants to the enterprise.

Scheduling, Preparation, and Stock Management

Improve your enterprise productivity with efficient production and process material flow

  • Improve visibility and enterprise material movements between warehousing and production operations by synchronizing material flow.

  • Optimize consumption during production processes by staging materials required for production and process operations in supply areas.

  • Improve your enterprise productivity by employing agile manufacturing principles.

Menu Costing and Presentation

Optimize value from each sale with integrated order and contract management

Manage the order-to-cash process flawlessly across all touch points, channels, and functions using SAP sales order and contract management tools. Deliver timely and accurate costing and information on products, customers, and contracts based on menu items, their ingredients, and both direct and indirect production and delivery costs. Deliver information based on user roles. Optimize order management. Drive faster revenue cycles, optimize cash flow, and improve your bottom line.

Restaurant Management.

  • Kitchen management

    • Multiple kitchen level management, from the central kitchen to preparation kitchens

    • Recipes and precooked products

    • Stock products and costing per recipe

    • Breakdown per recipe and production ratios

    • Record of actual and planned consumption, Labor management

    • Specific functions for catering

    • Nutritional analysis, allergens and fat content calculation

    • Production generation sheet

POS and restaurant management

  • Fully centralized system - integrated POSs

  • Efficient management of waiters, commands and products

  • Complete integration between the kitchen and service orders from other departments

  • Labor Management: Waiters and service staff

  • Integrated loyalty and CRM modules for client knowledge

  • Command registration device

  • Product Modifier, kitchen command, table reservations, waiting list, and much more

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